Back to school 2014 more expensive for French families

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The cost of school continues to increase, according to the annual survey by the Association of Families France.1. The parents of a sixth grader will spend an average 189 euros this year to equip their child on supplies, or 2.1% more than in 2013 Not pencils or notebooks that raise the most, but sportswear. The price of jogging has taken 4.5% in a year …

For less suffer from the rise in prices, the association is therefore advisable to make his Back to School shopping in supermarkets, where's increase is only 0.9%, against 2.5% in hypermarkets and 3.5% in specialty stores. "We must also try to shop without the kids who are influencers and will be tempted by branded merchandise, including rates may vary from one to two," said Thierry Vidor, CEO of Families of France. Shopping online also allows some savings at the margin, but we must ensure that they are not overwritten by the charges.

The school allowance (ARS) 2, the payment began on Tuesday, is expected to help the poorest families to cope with this period of extra expenses. It is 362 euros for children between 6 and 10 years, 382 for 11-14 year olds and 395 for 15-18 years. If the amount of ARS was revalued by 25% in September 2013, and significantly this year (0.7%, the level of inflation), it is not always enough to help families "sacrificed on the altar of deficit reduction ", in the words of Patrick Christian, president of the association. "The situation of families is becoming increasingly difficult, he justifies payday loans. The drop ceiling familial3 quotient, that is to say the maximum amount that a household can deduct from their taxes by half share, is one of the decisions that cost them the most. "The rise in LRA would be ultimately cannibalized by tax increases. The weight of the digital

in the budget

But the costs back to school can not be reduced to the simple purchase of new notebooks, pencil cases and pens. "A variety of spending is not included in the barometer," says the association. The Confederation of families and 4chiffre 800 euros spending in September for a family.

To cope with the crisis, local authorities are also trying to make savings that families suffer. "The introduction of pay in certain municipalities as a result of the implementation of the reform of school timetables extracurricular activities is also likely to weigh down the balance sheet," warns Patrick Christian. According to the survey conducted by the association, parents are very concerned about the passage of this year's week four and a half days in the overwhelming majority of municipalities. Place

increasingly important digital finally also weighs heavily in the budget retraction families. An introduction to computers now being lavished in the classes of primary schools encourage parents to provide equipment including digital tablet. Families of France reflects on the way to add the above items to the barometer.

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Valérie Pécresse fear a debt default for France

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Former budget minister Valerie Pécresse1 (UMP2) said today that France was "in danger of default" if interest rates were to augmenter.Sur RTL, MP and leader of the opposition in Ile-de-France assured ". deficit this year will explode if interest rates went up, unfortunately," for example "because the Fed bank kept its loose monetary policy, France would be almost insolvent. "" We borrow now almost 360 billion euros per year in the short and long term, "Ms fast cash loans. Pécresse detailed. "If interest rates go up a point, it means that we would be 3 billion more spending. 2 points? 7000000000. In the long term, the debt is a sword of Damocles "with" the risk of not being able to fund the public services that we value, "he told the elected Yvelines.

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Telecom Italia is about to offer up? 7 billion euros for GVT

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Telecom Italia is preparing an offer likely to reach seven billion in an attempt to gain an advantage over Spain's Telefonica to redeem GVT, a Brazilian subsidiary of Vivendi, Bloomberg reported on Sunday. The agency, quoting sources without identifying them informed about the project, added that Vivendi will be offered 20% stake in Telecom Italia and an interest in bringing a new set of two Brazilian subsidiaries groupes.Telecom Italia and Vivendi were not immediately available for comment on Sunday information.Des sources have previously said that Telecom Italia was in talks with Vivendi to a possible offer for GVT, where Telefonica proposed 6 payday loan.7 billion there has less than two weeks.The issue is complicated by the fact that Telefonica is the largest shareholder of Telecom Italia and the two groups are already competing in the Brazilian market téléphonie.Jeudi, Telecom Italia confirmed its interest1 for a possible rapprochement between GVT and its own subsidiary Brazil, TIM Participações, adding not have at this stage not submitted a formal offer to Vivendi.

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The French lost the taste for prosperity

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 On Friday

shuddered listening Francois Hollande. France is "the fifth power of the world" and will remain, a he said. After "reverse unemployment trends" and diagnostics recovery premature, the new promise is also fated to fail? Today the sixth, with a lower GDP of only 5-6% in ours according to the UN and the IMF, the UK could well overtake us by 2017 at the rate things are going. Perfidious Albion indeed sees its economy grow by 3% per annum, besides the pound tends to appreciate again, which could also help to upset the rankings in a more or less near future.

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"These are small businesses that pay the most that no growth"

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And another quarter of economic stagnation for France with zero growth in GDP in the second Quarter1, according to figures from INSEE published on Thursday. The government, which expected a GDP growth of 1% this year, has finally lowered its forecast to 0.5% only2. Contacted by Le Figaro, Ghetti3 Michel, president of group / F I / E4 which assists companies in the implementation of their projects, says. The

: The zero growth in France in the second quarter it suprend you? Michel Ghetti

: The growth figures were not surprising, it was widely expected. While the IMF, the OECD and the European Union had forecast a slight increase in growth, we had E Observatory F / I /, anticipated this stagnation, given the number of job losses. With 63,000 business bankruptcies recorded this year we have more and more difficult to create jobs.  The France

be condemned to slow growth in the long term?

It is obvious that we will not have growth above 1% in 2015 In addition, we are not the only European country to have sluggish growth. And for that reason, we report the problem in Europe. But there is a real problem french due to a lack of structural reforms and a non-reduced deficit. We have already reported the problem of the deficit of local authorities, but there is no reason that by 2015, they reduce their spending. Rather, they are likely to go into debt. What are the consequences

economic stagnation on the job? A

Observatory F / I / E, we make two observations. The first is that it is small businesses that pay the highest price of the zero growth. It is they that close first. So while business insolvencies fell slightly in the spring, the number of failures increased by 1.8% year on year and it is the TPE are paying the price. As for large SMEs, we can still rejoice in some restructuring. The second observation is that we have a real problem with private equity investments in France, which are far too low. And this is the new generation of companies that undergoes it.

What impact will have zero growth for the French? The French

already suffering the consequences of poor growth figures. Their purchasing power has been declining since 1983 Political discourse, meanwhile, clearly wants to teaching and preparing the minds of the French in the wrong numbers. Between the lack of structural reforms and deflationary government rhetoric, we have a double negative effect. We are not in deflation. Political discourse is too alarming. The decline

German GDP is it good or bad news for France?

The fall in GDP of Germany by 0.2% in the second quarter is bad news for France. It is an indicator of growth in Europe. With these figures, each country will go it alone to try to maintain compared to its neighbors. But the lack of structural reforms in France because we'll always be late. We overplayed by a deflationary speech but the situation is not going to work out like that.

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A teenager is a simple way to fight against cyberstalking

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His invention could change the face of social networks and the daily reality for thousands of teenagers. Trisha Prabhu, a young American woman of 13, is convinced that if teenagers are so inclined to harass their classmates on the Internet, it is because they are unaware of the harm they can do. To avoid these evils, which can sometimes lead to suicide.1, the girl has devised a tool for cyberstalkers to "think twice" ("Rethink") prior to upload their hurtful comment. This simple idea has been selected by Google 2for included in the final of the Science Fair3, a competition to promote the best inventions of teenagers from around the world. Passionate

neuroscience and psychology, Trisha Prabhu, who wants to "spend his life to understand the mysteries of the brain," has tested its "Rethink" tool in his college. Having been immersed in science, she discovered that the area of ​​the prefrontal cortex, which controls reason and decision-making, does not become mature by the age of 25 years. Little wonder, then, that high school students act impulsively without thinking about the consequences of their actions. "The adolescent brain is like a car with the accelerator works perfectly, unlike the brake pedal," writes elle.4

This lack of reflection is found in cases of harassment. Making fun of another seems funny young bullies, who do not always think that their target suffers from these evils. For Trisha Prabhu, you have to realize these young people for the harm they can do to change their behavior payday loan companies. And to limit the damage, this action must be done before the act was committed, and not after. "Most social networks allow you to block messages stalkers, but it is possible that once the damage is done," she laments.

"Will you take time to think?"

The girl has tested his theory on college friends and high school students neighbor. It has developed a simple test: do students read nasty messages and ask them if they posteraient social network. Despite the violence of the comments, adolescents panel are nearly 70% say that they posteraient.

Meanwhile, Trisha Prabhu tested a second device on another group of teenagers: "Rethink". The same question is asked, "you would post this message?" The 70% said yes then see a warning message appear: "This comment can hurt. Will you take time to reflect and ask yourself if you really want to send? "The results are spectacular. Asking them to reflect on their actions, teens tested are only 4.67% want to write the hurtful message. Trisha Prabhu is certain: "With this system, we can avoid the anxiety, depression and lower self-esteem suffered half the students harassed."

….. The girl ….. hope his tool could eventually be integrated on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks that teens are fond of. His participation in the Google Science Fair in the category of 13-14 years should give a great advertisement for his project.

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Detectors on level crossings to reduce the risk of collision

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The crossings will be more secure. Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) indeed developing a radar system to detect the presence of cars on the tracks when a train passes, says a spokesman for the group on Monday, confirming the information Parisien1. "The detectors send a message to the train driver to alert to the presence of a vehicle on the track. The latter may then proceed to a stop in an emergency and avoid the collision, "she explains. The manager of French railways does not communicate the amount invested in the new system.

If the project is at an experimental stage, says the group's representative, "in middle of next year, several crossings will be selected for testing the device. We will decide whether to deploy the new system throughout the country. "  Strengthening

safety crossings is indeed necessary. In fact, in 2013, RFF has identified no fewer than 148 accidents. And the death toll is chilling since 29 people died last year in these collisions. Although the infrastructure manager said that 99% of accidents are related to unsafe behavior of motorists, some crossings clearly problematic. Program

securing 160 crossings

"Of the 15,000 level crossings present throughout the country, more than 160 are enrolled in the national security" says the group payday lenders. In other words, these infrastructures have clearly been identified as problematic. RFF has planned a year this investment allocation of 40 million to "replace signaling systems, secure or even close these points that have already been several accidents." Responsibilities

SNCF and RFF have repeatedly been involved in accidents at level crossings. SNCF is particularly charged with manslaughter following the death of a motorist struck by a train on a level crossing in Finistere. The family lawyer, Ronan Appéré says that "Witnesses say the barrier crossing has not lowered at the time of the train." The lawyer added that "the last medical report clearly mentions a lack of maintenance and a network failure." He also denounced the "opacity on measures taken to secure the site." The latter thus questions on the state of maintenance of railway crossings in France. The new radar system developed by RFF and meet a real need.

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Political rallied to save the newspaper Nice-Matin

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"I have always supported the efforts of employee participation as a minister." Certainly highly anticipated by journalists Nice-Matin, the reaction of Christian Estrosi is a bit overdue, after launching an operation fundraising online to enable them to resume their newspaper, currently in receivership . 1

And as usual, he did not miss an opportunity shed light on his political action, this time as Minister:


Asked by the Lab .. March 1 employee Nice-Matin regretted earlier remain sluggish mobilization of local councilors: "We know they are aware of the operation (…) but maybe they expect just to see who the first dégainera. "This is now done, although Cécile Duflot broiled priority mayor of Nice on Twitter manifesting his enthusiasm and support for the approach bad credit pay day loans. A little later one of the initiators of the process journalists revealed that the UMP MP Essonne, Nathalie Koscuisko-Morizet, had also "heated blue card" to help rescue the newspaper.



…. Employees …… Nice-Matin, for now collected 97,000 euros for the 300,000 they hope to achieve on the platform of crowdfounding Ulule6. Political or individuals, generous donors have received the PDF of the newspaper published the day of their birth. Employees have to draft up a Scop (cooperative and participatory society) with these funds to save their company and their jobs.

Bank of America set to pay a record fine of $ 17 billion

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 Bank of America1

(BofA) is about to spray a record: that of the largest fine ever paid by a bank in the United States. After long discussions with the Department of Justice, the second U.S. bank in terms of assets would have agreed to pay 16 to 17,000,000,000 dollars (12 to 12.7 billion euros) to settle a dispute over the subprimes2, these mortgage loans to insolvent individuals and embedded in financial products. They caused the financial panic of 2008

According to sources familiar with the matter cited by the New York and Wall Street times3 Journal4, both parties have agreed on the main terms of the agreement to be announced next week.  

For several months, the leaders of Bank of America have tried to limit the amount of the fine to 13 milliards5 against 17 billion claimed by the Department of Justice . But the latter was criticized for not being tough enough with banks nevertheless held responsible for the crisis by the general public, remained stuck to his guns. Mid-June talks had even canopy builds, which had feared filing a criminal complaint against the bank, continued until civil. But things came to a head last week after a telephone conversation between the American Minister of Justice Eric Holder and CEO Brian Moynihan of BofA. This

amicable settlement would provide, in detail, the payment of $ 9 billion in cash at the Department of Justice, State and government agencies. The rest will be in the form of measures to compensate owners harmed by the practices of the bank in real estate, such as reductions in loans cash advance no faxing. BofA also commit to help customers who want to buy houses in the affected areas of the country.

50 billion dollar fine

If the amount of the fine is confirmed, Bank of America would pass before JP Morgan6 which also held the record for The highest fine ever imposed on a bank. Last November, it had agreed to pay 13 billion dollars7 to avoid criminal prosecution in a case also linked to subprime. After it the third largest American bank, Citigroup8, accused of hiding risks from subprime, had agreed to pay 7 billion dollars9.  These fines

follow the broad inquiry into the practices of American banks, launched in 2012 by the Ministry of Justice in cooperation with state prosecutors. Following their investigations, they were tougher with Bank of America which sold for $ 57 billion of these toxic products according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). JPMorgan has elapsed to $ 33 billion and Citigroup for $ 3.5 billion.

In all, more than a dozen schools have paid more than $ 90 billion in various financial penalties. But Bank of America has paid the heaviest price for the financial crisis: the bill compiled of all fines already stands at over 50 billion dollars paid to American authorities and aggrieved investors.

Last July, the bank has posted weaker results in the second trimestre10. Its net profit was $ 2.3 billion against $ 4 billion a year earlier. Its revenue fell 4% year on year to 22 billion.

Why the price of your breakfast will climb

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 Eating a

almond croissant, cereal snack, a slice of baguette, while drinking coffee. The classic recipe for breakfast may be expensive in the coming months. Productions almonds, arabica or cereal are indeed affected by the drought in California and Brazil, the first two leading global producer for these agricultural materials, and heavy rains in Europe.

• Almonds power in California

Western United States experiencing its worst drought in 500 years after the observers.1. Colorado Basin, which provides water 40 million people and irrigates about 1.6 million hectares of cultivated land, is particularly affected. The volume of hydraulic losses in the basin amounts to almost double the volume of Lake Mead (45km3), the largest water reservoir in the United States, which supplies including Las Vegas. The state government already figure agricultural losses of $ 1.5 billion while the total cost of the drought must rise to 2.2 billion.

The almond growers are on alert. California produces 82% of almonds consumed in the world, driven by an ever stronger for fruit with high nutritional qualities request. The tree is grown on nearly 350,000 hectares. This year, farmers had to sacrifice other cultures2 (tomatoes, onion, garlic or lawyer) to focus on the dry fruit. Almost all drew on their last reserves of water. These last-minute solutions have kept this year's production at a high level of 953,000 tonnes. But draining water reserves fear the worst for next year. Markets, almond currently worth nearly $ 8 per kilogram (about 6 euros), the highest price since 2005. Farmers now eagerly awaiting the October and November which should bring rain. • Less


Brazil In Brazil, the rainy season which from October to March was characterized by an atypical and historic drought according to experts. Crops world's leading producer of coffee were seriously affected at the crucial moment in the development of the coffee fruit. "The field reports indicate small grains and poorly trained a large number of grains are required to complete a standard bag of 60 kilos," reported Sterling Smith, an analyst at Citi.

More than 200 cents per pound, arabica has seen its rise by over 70% since January 1, while robusta, more $ 2,000 per ton, increased by 19% over the same period. The following does not look good. The National Coffee Council (CNC) now provides Brazilian harvest between 40 and 43 million bags in 2014, against 49 million previously.

• Cereals also affected

Prices of maize and soybeans climb also on the markets. "We are beginning to fear the consequences of a lack of rain in the states of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Eastern Illinois," said Don Roose, the U.S. brokerage Commodities. Soybeans, the key development period in August, would be particularly concerned. Bushel of corn (about 25 kg) for delivery in December 2014 ended Monday in Chicago on higher at $ 3.6925, and that of soybeans for delivery in November, the highest rated, finished at $ 10.7950.

Conversely, it is not drought but excess water that bounces wheat prices. Quality problems affecting wheat in Europe, degraded by heavy rains in July3. Wheat produced in France in particular could be relegated to a lower grade. Bushel for September delivery, the most active contract at the moment, finished yesterday at $ 5.4400.