In 30 years, the gap between permanent employees and temporary contracts widened

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 On the one hand

protected under permanent employees, the other the mass of precarious: the segmentation of the French labor market has dramatically increased over the last thirty years. This is shown by a chapter of the study "Employment and Wages", published Wednesday by the Insee1. In 1982, almost half of new hires were made in CDI. In 2011, this share fell to 5%! However, the proportion of casual workers in the private sector workforce has not exploded: 13% of employees were "atypical employment" in 2011, that is to say, term contracts, temporary, subsidized contracts and learning, against 5% in 1982

The contradiction is only apparent and is due to the fact that recruitment is on a temporary contract and temporary are for periods of shorter and shorter. In 2011, the average contract length in "special form of employment" was a month against three months in 1982. Therefore, the signatures of contract and temporary CSD have increased (eg a company signing three contracts a week, instead of a three weeks) and accounted for an increasing share of hires. A level of uncertainty

which has worsened

This is the same phenomenon that explains the fivefold rotation of manpower. In 2011, 100 employees present at any one time, there was an average of 177 inputs and outputs of a year, a turnover rate of 177%. In 1982, the rate was only 32%. In other words, employees in an unstable position saw their level of insecurity worsened over the past thirty years.

Worse, it's always the same people who suffer difficulties. "The unstable jobs are a trap for those who occupy them," writes INSEE low interest rate personal loans. In 2011, only 22% of people who had term contracts, temporary or training, were on permanent a year later. In 1982, the rate exceeded 50% … The few young graduates are particularly affected by this dual system. A

thirty years, their turnover rate is still very high (261%), much more than their counterparts graduates (77%). But insecurity has also increased in the elderly. 5% of people over 55 were in CSD between 2007 and 2011 (and 8% over 60 years), against 2% between 1990 and 1994, and 27% of seniors in CSD had from 2007 to 2011, a contract of less than one month. Palme

precariousness in artistic circles

Precarious focuses on trades and professional sectors: handlers, professional arts and entertainment, employee of the hotels and restaurants. And while the rate of rotation was already strong in these areas in 1990, it was increased fivefold since. The creation of the CSD to use, leading to the conclusion of successive fixed-term contracts in certain professions, accentuated the phenomenon. The palm of insecurity comes to the arts: in the arts and entertainment, one-third of employees have a contract of just over a week! We better understand the crisis intermittents2 …

It is clear that nothing has been done seriously in recent years to fight against this dual labor market French. The employers propose to address them, to relax the conditions for termination of CDI 3. The unions, in contrast, require that CDD 4soient taxed more (one step, but little has been done in this direction in 2013). Meanwhile, both remained in these positions and the situation becomes encysted.

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Stéphane Le Foll, the minister was very disappointed farmers

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 Since it is

Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll did agroecology his hobbyhorse. To encourage farmers to produce more in harmony with their environment and reduce pollution. "Economic performance is not incompatible with environmental performance and social performance," does he keep repeating. Result, he changed the rules of perception aid of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), promoting farms that focus on greening. It also has to pass the farm bill Avenir, in which innovation is the creation of the EEIG (Group of Economic and environmental interest), structures that allow farmers to come together on an environmental project free online credit report. "You have to produce, develop and teach otherwise, advocates Le Foll. When farmers see that agroecology can improve their margins, so they accept all the better. "

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The government is considering a boost on small pensions

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On the issue of small pensions, the government is reluctant. The Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament, Jean-Marie Le Guen1, announced Sunday that the government will do something for small retreats. Valls2 manual should specify this "boost" on Tuesday during his declaration of general policy, he said.

In the Sunday newspaper dated September 14, the Prime Minister, in fact, also stated that the government intended to "offset the negative effect of inflation on small pensions ", seeming return to the word of his Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine3. Indeed, on Friday, the minister's office announced that less than 1200 euros pensions would not revalorisées4 October 1, due to low inflation.  Uncertainty

the "gesture"

But what Manuel Valls with " small retreat "? Is this pension under the poverty line or those below 1200 euros? Or did he just talk about the former "minimum age", that is to say, the solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa), the government has promised anyway to upgrade exceptionally last April? In this case, the "push" is not an ad, but confirmation of a past commitment. Nevertheless, uncertainty still hovering Sunday afternoon on gesture in preparation for modest pensioners. In high places, it also stated that nothing was refereed.

I must say that the announcement of the "stability" of small pensions, Friday, heightened tensions between on one side the government and its majority to the Assembly. The President of the Radical group in the Assembly, Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg5, thus Friday asked the government "to decide to give a thumbs up." "The revaluation of pensions of less than € 1,200, which would be very useful to improve the purchasing power and consumption of these retirees, could help some recovery in demand at a time when growth is stalled ' Has it particularly advanced. Meanwhile

the influential CFDT6 also strongly protested against the government decision. "The CFDT confederation and the Confederal Union of Pensioners CFDT disapprove of revaluation of non-small pensions responded the reformist union in a statement. They estimate that a significant gesture needs to be done towards the poorest pensioners. "

A potential savings range between 300 and 150 million

" He ' there is not much inflation and therefore the rules that we apply every year in the same way to revalue pensions entail that the revaluation is zero, "was justified Marisol Touraine RTL on Friday night. This would have saved between 300 and 150 million euros depending on the revaluation rate retained, according to a source familiar with the matter. A relatively small sum compared to discontent among small raised retirees may have finally found Matignon.

Indeed, for the 6.5 million people affected, the effect would be the same as that of a gel properly. And would have looked like a broken promise. "The technical argument of low inflation for not implementing this commitment is inaudible to those concerned with living a retirement often close to the poverty line", has also argued CFDT Friday.

"The technical argument of low inflation for not implementing this commitment is inaudible to those involved"


Last April, the issue of revalorisation7 or not small pensions helped to widen the gap between the government and the slingers during consideration of amending the social security budget. The latter claimed, with much of Deputies of the most disciplined majority, that pensions are smaller spared until October 2015 decreed the pension freeze. After a heated debate, the government finally folded.

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Deficits: Europe temporarily household Paris

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found a magic wand to address anemic growth and stand firm in the storm that threatens to cause French deficits: a continental revival of investment, which would refresh faded colors of fiscal austerity and neoliberal reforms pursued almost anywhere for five years. Investment

, driver of the recovery expected, can not be decreed. And the new credo not hide divisions that are growing. Paris and Rome, despite their deficits, look for the heavy use of public funds. Berlin and the northern capitals stick to mobilize private money. It is an ambition rather than a specific program. But shots of hundreds of billions of euros, the great "plans" are now under construction.

Finance ministers of the Eurozone and the EU, met for 36 hours in Milan, discussed Friday at least four, without fear of upmanship. One of the Italian Presidency of the EU (unencrypted). That of the future boss of the Commission Jean-Claude Juncker1 (300 billion). That the Polish Minister Mateusz Szczurek (700 billion). And finally a catalog of Franco-German "ideas" that seeks to reconcile as far as possible, the views of Michel Sapin and Wolfgang Schäuble (invoice unspecified). A

Milan, no one questions the need for Europe to invest more. She is lagging behind the United States and Asia. "The growth is down," coolly observed the president of the ECB, Mario Draghi2. To support "must take at European level and at national level, playing on both the demand and supply," Jyrki Katainen connects the Finn, soon to be Lieutenant Jean-Claude Juncker for growth and employment. Patron

Eurogroup Dutchman Jeroen Dijsselbloem confirms the Corner: "The euro area has entered a new phase the emphasis shifts from financial stability to support the growth creditreport. "In the letter they co-sign, ministers and Fir Schäuble note that the total EU investment in 2013 remained" 15% lower than it was before the crisis ". In short, Europe risks dropping out in the race to modernity. This facade

unit is torn from what they addressed the question of means. Politically, speak of a revival of investment avoids the issue that hinders France and angry most of its partners, starting with Germany 3: slippage of French deficit in Paris presented as a fait accompli, and timing of a return below 3% for the third pushed fois4, breaking commitments. No French exception

Officially, the Eurogroup did not deliberate Friday of hexagonal folder and colleagues Michel Sapin took care not to the overwhelm public. The minister did not say anything when he arrived and he pushed an appointment announced with the press. But this is only a postponement, "The French must first finalize their draft budget 2015, said Jeroen Dijsselbloem. Then we will see (in mid-October, Ed) where they are and whether they are doing enough to meet "their commitments. If we stick to the figures released Wednesday morning at Bercy, this will surely not be enough …

Ears Michel Sapin5 however been burning when Mario Draghi, Jyrki Katainen and Jeroen Dijsselbloem have in turn that he is not about to change the rules of the euro or to release fiscal flange. Whether on behalf of a European revival of investment, or any "exception" French. "Sound public finances are the absolute precondition for sustainable return to growth and employment," warns "supercommissaire" Jyrki Katainen, a preview of the next five years.

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Emerging economies have become a breeding ground for multinationals

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 Some already

shine in the sky social reasons and international brands. Chinese computer maker Lenovo1, Russian Gazprom2, the Indian steelmaker Tata3 or airline Emirates4. But most of the 100 multinational companies in gestation, presented Thursday in Beijing by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), are still in a phase of take-off and unknown to the general public. Regardless, the future belongs to them.

"With young people, expanding middle classes and rising consumption, these markets have become more prosperous, despite the recent large shares of the press, more stable, "say experts American consulting firm BCG. They consider that from 2009 to 2020 the global middle class will be gone from 1.8 to 3.2 billion people, precisely because of the gentrification of emerging countries. Besides a name less and less relevant, because "these countries are no longer emerging. Many of them have arrived. " Beyond

national economies themselves, BCG is interested in their companies. The new list of 100 multinational gestation most promising, all from one of the 18 most important emerging countries, has been prepared based on three main criteria. To be part of the chosen few must be among the top five companies in its sector in his country of origin; it should have a turnover of more than a billion dollars and to devote 60% of its business overseas. The Chilean

giant wine sponsor of Manchester United

Obviously the growth of these champions is fast, 18% on average per annum from the year 2000 revenue, compared with a rate of 7% for the 500 largest non-financial companies in the world in the S & P 500 Index And that rhymes with massive job creation, 32% more since 2008 while groups in the S & P 500 have increased theirs by only 7%.

The Boston Consulting Group, which renews every 18 months of his nursery "challengers" – multinational budding emerging countries – believes that their development strategies approach more and more of their competitors in rich countries cash advance. "They build sustainable competitive positions with sustainable comparative advantages, while there is still three years they based their expansion slots on low cost and labor cheap." Example, Concha y Toro, a Chilean company, became the first Latin American producer of wine, the seventh world, and to establish its reputation she did not hesitate to sponsor the Manchester United Football Club.

Another successful experience of "upmarket" Mindray Medical International, Chinese medical device company, focuses on innovation rather than on low costs , devoting 10% of its turnover on R & D (research and development, and more than half of its revenue comes from abroad.

It is not yet .. must believe that because emerging countries are growing markets still higher than that of developed countries, developing their international champions is guaranteed. these "multinational apprentices' must actually fight on two fronts. "Within their own countries they are faced with companies that have decided deliberately not to become global, but to grow only in their domestic market, they are the" local dynamos "often highly dynamic," say analysts BCG. And conversely you have to face the competition of traditional multinationals. Nevertheless

Darwinism plaguing the ruthless world of globalization, five companies in emerging countries in 2014 rocked the club of true multinationals, because they have become world leaders in their own area, as ranked by the BCG. Three are Chinese, Lenovo, Huawei Technologies in Telecommunications and Li & Fung distribution company that works in 60 countries. The fourth group is Indian steelmaker Tata. And the fifth Mexican Grupo Bimbo, which can boast of becoming the first baker's world by being very present especially in the United States and Canada.

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The central government deficit widened in late July

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The deficit of the French government in late July widened to 84.1 billion euros, against 80.8 billion a year earlier, the Finance Ministry said Tuesday by "extraordinary expenses" in terms of investissements.Dans Overall, the government has kept its commitment to controlling public expenditure (233.5 billion as at 31 July, 1 payday loan lenders.9 billion euros a year), but revenues are down sharply ( 170.1 billion, -6.3 billion over a year). The ministry said in a statement this fall with both the entry into force of CICE, which lowers business taxes, and by "calendar effects" .read ALSO: "Budget 2015: Holland chose to pass up the government deficit1

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The electric meter Linky becomes reality

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Linky1 to accelerate, the electric meter communicating qu'ERDF2 must begin deploying in mid-2015. EDF subsidiary responsible for the distribution of electricity has just published the results of the call for tenders in 2013 for the manufacture of the first three million copies. Six companies were sélectionnées3: the French Sagemcom and MAEC, American Itron, Landis + Gyr Swiss, German and Spanish Elster Ziv. With respectively 1.2 and 1 million meters provide, Sagemcom and Landis + Gyr are the two winners of this competition.

Last week, during a press conference on the bill for energy policy, Segolene Royal4, the Minister of Energy, welcomed this project – "an important deployment, solid" – and the quality of French technologies, "far ahead about that." By the year 2021, Linky will equip some 35 million homes, which foreshadows a big wave of tenders. The first contract is approximately EUR 250 million. Before the end of the year, ERDF has also launched a tender for the installation of 10 million meters. In all, the government hopes that these operations create 10,000 jobs. Showcase for export

For Christian Huguet, CEO of Landis + Gyr, a subsidiary of Toshiba, the contract obtained Linky means that – in the design phase since 2007 – finally becoming an industrial reality. "The benefits of this are crucial, he says, not only the consumer can better understand its actual consumption – resulting in a very accurate billing system rather than the estimated amounts – but ERDF will also provide remote , mark a failure for example. Ultimately, one can still imagine that the rates will be much better suited to the consumption profile of each. "

To Sylvaine Color, communications director of Sagemcom , "a contract of this magnitude is an excellent showcase for export, at a time when the smart meters will gradually become a key element of the energy landscape." Also responsible for producing 4.7 million units Gazpar – the equivalent of Linky for gas – Sagemcom will completely reconfigure its plant in Dinan (Côtes d'Armor) it will stop assembling modules fax to instead provide the smart meters.

As a whole, the Linky project, production counters installed in the domestic consumer, is estimated at nearly $ 5 billion . It is fully supported by ERDF, the government has regularly reminded that this new tool no cost to the consumer. It is up to the operator to recover its costs through operating efficiencies generated by Linky, that the French will gradually get to know.

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Wine fairs invest the Web

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This week, experts and soft-discount Netto1 Lidl2 kicked off their traditional fairs vins3. Until October 15, the highlight of the growing season thus succeed in the retail players, who make an average between 10 and 15% of sales of their wine section during this period. "We reach vintages slightly less carriers this year (2011-2012-2013), says Ludovic Paternotte, the gentleman wine signs Casino4 and Giant Casino5 who launch their exhibition on 8 and 9 September. Nevertheless, we still find very good wines in the Languedoc, white wine and ready to eat which represent 80% of our offering this year. "Special Selections

……. Another new trend … these last few years, the rise of shows on the Internet, with the development of caves online. Cdiscount6, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year, having not sell less than 340,000 bottles during the 19 days of the operation. That's over 10% of its annual volumes. "Unlike traditional wine fairs, we will look for some older vintages available to us because our volumes are lower," explains Dominique Rey-Coyrehourcq at Ticketmaster. The e-commerce company will offer a hundred grands crus, but also the second wines of very large areas. It can remain on bottles accessible to a wide audience, with a price four to five times lower than that of first growths). "On the Internet, everything prescribing – as medals or Rewards- is particularly important," says Dominique Rey-Coyrehourcq. Very detailed technical data allow the user to navigate the 400 references of the operation. also in turn a special selection for the Internet, with bottles only sold online. Soiree


Other signs are very conservative on these shows online. A recent survey ViaVoice Terre wine, 71% of French believe that they know something about wine. "We rely on the advice and proximity to shops, says Michel Biero, managing purchases from Lidl8. Especially for the wine, which is a particular product. I do not want people buying online, even if we created a site dedicated to advice and heart strokes. "Especially as the logistics cost and storage bottles are mechanically élevéset weigh on margins. "It's a huge management complexity," says be at Lidl. The company will offer 169 references with sellers advice stores. Always with an average price of less than 5 euros.  Even

resonate with Carrefour9 that emphasizes the relationship with the customer in the store. Via the site, it can pre-order bottles 15 days in advance and retire to a drive on the launch day of the operation (September 9 in hypermarkets and 19 Carrefour Market supermarkets in). But the French retail giant wants to especially make hundreds of preview evenings reserved for its best customers, one of the great highlights of his wine fairs. In total, the group ordered 18 million bottles for its wine fair

Companies are looking to disconnect their frames

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If children are too connected to their phones and other game consoles, they are not the only ones. Their parents also spend more and more time at the office and at home, manage their professional lives with their smartphone and their tablet. In a word, they are unable to win with all the risks that this implies stress1. As a result, companies are beginning to seriously address this issue to find new forms of work organization.

As recalled in his latest book Mettling2 Bruno, assistant general manager of the Orange Group in charge of human resources, "the Internet has revolutionized our lives (…) and digitalisation will impact profoundly all functions within the company "(1). All studies confirm that executives are increasingly less distinction between personal time and professional time. A survey conducted in 2013 by the ISV Roambi3, 89% of them consult their professional emails several times a day on their private time, 93% during their holidays, 82% in cars and 51% in their … bed! Francis Jauréguiberry, sociologist and professor at the University of Pau, for its part in a study on voluntary disconnection (Devotic) conducted in 2012-2013 that nearly 80% of executives, "ICTs generate an increasing number of tasks to be processed out of hours and place of work. " And nearly 60% believe that "they help to make their working lives more stressful by excessive loads or operating in an emergency."

The main problem is that companies and their HR department has taken only very recently the extent of the phenomenon. "On average, 72% of executives working in companies that have not taken steps to regulate the communication via ICT and over a third feel they are entitled to any right to disconnect," said Francis Jauréguiberry.

At Volkswagen, the choice was made for three years to cut the servers between 18 h 15 and 7:00 the next morning ……. .

But things may be moving, slowly. In April, a branch agreement between management and engineering and consulting firms, CFDT and CFE-CGC has written 'a right to disconnect "for employees working in 900,000 digital. A first in France, designed to meet the statutory minimum rest period, 11 consecutive hours. Non-signatory to the agreement, which remains for her a "statement of principle", the CGT framework launches a campaign on Thursday for a "right to disconnect and an actual reduction in working time of managers and technicians."

On the ground, some initiatives are taken to better manage employee behavior against the invasion of digital culture. "Day without email" Orange or Sodexo; blocking access to messaging after a certain hour in the evening in more and more companies; lights out on trays to encourage employees to leave their office at night and go home; Charter proper use of email; prohibition of sending emails to any time to account for time zones overseas subsidiaries …

But not displease the Germanophobe the ideas of good practice are primarily fish in Germany. This summer, Daimler (the parent company of Mercedes) automotive group has just decided to launch "a wizard of absence" that erases the mails arriving in mailboxes for employees on vacation. The sender is informed of the absence of the recipient and is invited to contact another person or to wait for the return of the corresponding return for his email. Daimler had tested this system during the Christmas holidays and decided to generalize it for the summer holidays. At Volkswagen, the choice was made for three years to cut the servers between 15 and 18 pm 7:00 the next morning.

(1). "Enterprise: finding the relevant time," Bruno Mettling. June 2014 Public Debates.

In France, Uber also awaiting the verdict

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Ideally, the unions of taxi drivers french enjoyed yesterday's conviction by a Frankfurt court of California-based Uber, which paid app UberPop connects individuals for carpooling short distance. "This is what we expect the government and the French courts, exclaimed yesterday Nordine Dahmane, deputy secretary general of FO-taxis, Uber legalizes illegal taxis because the UberPop application allows anyone to n ' fast cash advance loan. anything "

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