A weapons 3 billion contract with Lebanon

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A French-Saudi agreement on arms supplies to Lebanon in the amount of three billion dollars is being "finalized," said the Elysee Palace where President Francois Hollande on Monday received Crown Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia Ben Abdel Aziz. "The contract is acquired, it lacks some technical elements for looping. It will not be signed this (Monday) evening but it is being finalized, "Has it shown in the entourage of the Head of Etat.Pays" beautiful and vulnerable at the same time, "Lebanon" needs him as security when it hosts thousands of refugees, "said Francois Hollande, at an official dinner in honor of his guest which were invited some 200 guests." So we agreed together, Saudi Arabia and France, to help Lebanon on condition that he also helps himself, for his own safety, "he added, without specifically cite this contract.

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The gadget is so distressing to passengers and airlines

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never had to complain about the lack of space between seats on airplanes? The "knee defender" (the "protective knee") could save you. This object, invented in 2003 by Ira Goldman, an American exasperated by the amount of free space left passengers on a plane, getting passionate in the United States. Especially since the two disputes that had degenerated in recent days, overseas Atlatinque. This is particularly

happened to an elderly 61 year old Parisian who was traveling on the flight Miami-Paris1. Annoyed by the passenger in front of him who lowered his seat, he took aim at the traveler and a crew member. The pilot had to land the plane in Boston (Northeastern United States). Last Sunday, another fight was between two passengers on the flight Newark-Denver for the same reasons. At the heart of the fight, use by the passenger behind a gadget called "knee defender" to prevent tilting the front seat.

How does it work? These are two small plastic clips. Attached to the arm of the seat pad, they block the seat angle. Perfect for passengers with long legs or those wishing to have more space to stretch out. Above all, it only costs 21.95 dollars (16.6 euros). The website www.kneedefender.com2, which markets the product was stormed. "We have increased our web traffic by 500 since the grounding of flights Newark-Denver," says Ira Goldman. The American television channel, CNN, released last Tuesday, a video explaining how this new gadget works. In three days, the video has been viewed more than 160,000 times.

Only problem: most American airlines, as a result of a decision by the administration in charge of air transport in the United States, have banned the use of the gadget. This is particularly the case of United Airlines, the airline flight Newark-Denver. Yet while passengers who do not follow the rules of the Atlantic, incur a fine of $ 25,000, no arrest or sanction has been decided with regard to the offending passenger.

So, social networks are "seized" of the subject and some French Internet users are already thinking of using it. Asked by Le Figaro, Air France said that "to date no passengers used this gadget." And if one of them used it, what decision the French airline? His answer is very clear. "Our priority remains the safety of flight. Each passenger must respect the tranquility of each other, they reply with Air France. Travelers can tilt their head backwards except during meals where they are asked to keep their right "seat well. In other words, the gadget is unlikely to emerge in its aircraft. Air France is afraid of having to deal with altercations, even if it ensures that the crew is trained to cope. Bad news for passengers who are annoyed to see companies cut back on the space between the seats for the sake of savings.

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The stimulus highways finally on track

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motorway concessions in France three years on average for farmers (Vinci1, Abertis, Eiffage) which in return undertake to build free of small pieces of additional highways. Work of € 3.6 billion spread over twenty yards with the key to the creation of 15,000 jobs. This is the agreement reached in the fall of 2013 the state and groups BTP2 exploiting traffic highways. Only

"catch" the agreement of the European Commission3 on this tarried. But his blank check is necessary because it is allowing extensions concession without tender, which is not Orthodox. After months of waiting, the record seemed buried. It is not. This project, which was the subject of an initial notification in Brussels in May by the Minister for the Environment and Transport, Ségolène Royal4 was retried on August 21 at the European Commission's request for information payday loan.

"But there is no objection in principle to the Commission on this issue, says one expert dossier, and we talk still twenty yards initaux. "Brussels has two months to decide. If the opinion is positive, this recovery plan which required nearly a year and a half of hard negotiations between the State and construction groups that operate highways could become operational soon. With a start of work next year. It would finally some good news on the jobs front.

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Speech Valls standing ovation by employers

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Manuel went to the Summer of Medef2 and gave a speech on Wednesday, to the applause of the employers. The key points of his speech, which ended in a standing ovation and warm handshakes. • Vivid

business support

"Let's stop systematically oppose the State and companies , to oppose corporate and employees, employer organizations and syndicats3 (…) Our country bursting of these postures "leaders. Manuel Valls, "France needs all these companies, SMEs, start-ups, large groups. These are the companies that generate wealth that should benefit everyone. I like the company, "he added before a captivated audience. "The entrepreneurial spirit is needed more than ever to take the country forward. The return to growth will first by supporting businesses, "engages the Prime Minister, ensuring that it is" absurd to talk of facts bosses gifts. Measure favorable to businesses supports the entire country. (…) The return to growth will first by business support. " Companies

that evokes responsibility, for they provide counterparties Pact responsabilité4. "The French would not admit that dividendes5 explode," said he warned, and calling any company to "do more, faster" to improve margins, to hire, to better remunerate employees … " Do you get the pact to ensure that France is stronger. " Other

hand stretched patronat6 "Protecting employees is high in France. Adaptations are possible. " Some rules will be reduced, for example on the job on Sunday.  •

Austerity: Valls calls to Europe

The Premier estimated that the rate of decline in deficits publics7 must be "adapted" to the current economic situation, suggesting that it does not account add austérité8 the French economic policy. Referring to the last speech of Mario Draghi9 in Jackson Hole, the boss of the BCE10, Manuel Valls said it was possible to have "more pro-growth fiscal policies." Nevertheless, he demanded more information on the 300 billion euros over three years announced by Jean-Claude Juncker.

He also insisted that France could not act alone: ​​"Europe needs more than an agreement between France and 'Germany.11 ". He also denounced a too strong EURO12 "This is bad for many of your business. It is bad for growth. " The euro has indeed depreciated by 6% since April against the dollar. "We need to go further, faster, in part because the inflation13 is too low," said Manuel Valls. •

The issue of social thresholds will be negotiated

The issue of social thresholds – that must be addressed this fall as part of the negotiations on the modernization of social dialogue in companies – will indeed be negotiated, assured Manuel Valls. Meeting in the Élysée14 for his first Cabinet, the new team of Manuel Valls, said to reflect the social democratic line president, said she was determined to move 15alors lines that negotiations between the social partners begin in September on this issue.  

Thresholds of employees beyond which the enterprises are subject to constraints, particularly in terms of staff representatives, are considered too rigid by employers and economists, who accuse them of slow business development and hiring.

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Airbnb invites Australians to sleep at Ikea …

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experience … special! A well rehearsed and marketing operation. Three Australian families will spend the night of August 31 in the Ikea store in Tempe, a suburb south of Sydney. The furniture giant will set up for the occasion three bedrooms, with radically different atmospheres. Spaces that are supposed to represent the most valued customers decorations Airbnb1 "modern and stylish", "urban" and "rustic." Claire Ferguson, a user of this site seasonal housing reservations, whose house in Sydney has become a must Airbnb, will bring a personal touch to the three bedrooms. Sheets and towels provided

But before sleeping, the lucky winners will be treated to some activities that promise to be unforgettable. After dinner together, parents can browse specially open spaces to find there tips for planning and decorating their homes. Children will, themselves, at their disposal television and Playstation, and may also participate in circuses. The next morning, they will be entitled to "a revival marking" promise Ikea and Airbnb, before leaving with linen and towels they have used during their short getaway. Australians interested

and must register on the site réservation2 hope to win this unusual holiday and (almost) free. Only 12 Australian dollars (just over € 8) are required for the application fee. However, customers agree to accept being under the eye of the international media, which are sure to capture that night a bit special.

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Hoteliers and restaurateurs are rebelling against the opinions of online

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"To flee," "horrible," "a disaster." When customers give their opinion on a hotel or a restaurant on the Internet, the result is sometimes bloody. With the huge success of sites user reviews, like Yelp, TripAdvisor Cityvox or giant, the reputation of an institution depends not only critical guide or word-of-mouth. She also plays on Internet1. So

face of this onslaught, hotel and restaurant owners are wondering how to react. Should we "make do" in play or otherwise fight against these opinions, when nearly 9 out of 10 French consult them and that 89% of them consider them "useful" or "very useful", a recent study I need regular. Some have decided not to let them. In late May, while the restaurant has a good reputation on TripAdvisor, insulting reviews finally convinced starred chef Pascal Favre d'Anne going into battle against these review sites. He launched the petition "No insulting opinion towards restaurateurs2" to sensitize the Ministry of Commerce to this problem, which now comprises more than 1,500 signatures.Dont of big names in French gastronomy as the Pourcel brothers. In Focus, the American giant TripAdvisor. With 260 million unique visitors per month, 125 million views and opinions everywhere worldwide3, more than 80 new contributions published every minute, the site has become a worldwide reference and the number one enemy of some professionals.

"Perversion of business"

"TripAdvisor is a rogue site," says the receptionist of a two star hotel in Nice that online reputation is poor. "Contrary to a site such as Booking, where we should have made a reservation to be able to notice, anyone can comment on." Lack of control that casts doubt on the reliability of the comments and see the possibility of fraud . "I know for a direct competitor pays students for writing negative comments about my business," claims Dan Hamon Serval, a pub owner in Strasbourg, which denounced the "perversion of the business" generated by sites comments. Concerns

professionals are justified by a study of the DGCCRF, that nearly 45% of online opinions are biased or even wrong quick payday loan. "The free opinions, Editorial type, do not provide evidence of achat4 "says Lawrence Duke, president of the hospitality division of the Union of trades and industries for hotel (UMIH). "On blogs and online reviews, you can write anything on anyone, anonymously," he laments before assuring that his union was in favor of those sites, condition for the imposition of a stricter control. "We need an ethics, a moral," insists Didier Chenet, co-chair of the National Association of Independent and chairman of Synhorcat, who "seen (t) not prohibited, but better control them!".

"Think how much truth is contained in the comments"

He is particularly protests against these "pharmacies based in the exotic country" where you can buy a number of opinions, both positive and negative for its establishment to that of the competition. A phenomenon that does not seem to mind more than that Stephen Kaufer, President of TripAdvisor. "Over millions believe, deep down, it did not matter much that some are false," he puts in an interview this month with the magazine Capital. The leader

also relaxed vis-à-vis the practice in vogue blackmail the comment, the "chanputation" as Lawrence calls Duke neologism created from the words "blackmail" and "e-reputation". Stephen Kaufer believes that "threaten a hotel a negative opinion, this is not blackmail." He thinks it is even "a good thing". "We have improved the quality of service throughout the hotel industry and catering," he says, still Capital.Certains traders are however satisfied with their online reputation and see an opportunity to improve. Nicolas Lacroutes, director of a hotel in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, believes that keeping abreast of online reviews has become "essential in (her) job," he "bit (t) not ignore. " According to him, "Every hotel is supposed to reflect the amount of truth that is contained in the comments."

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Small used electronics must be resumed with no purchase necessary

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Distributors who sell électroniques1 and electrical products (computers, telephones, refrigerators, etc …) will now be forced to take "free and no purchase" small electrical waste equipment consumers, according to a decree published Friday in the Journal officiel.Selon Article 4 of the decree, which amends the Environmental Code in implementing a European directive of 2012, this obligation concerns "stores with an area of ​​over 400 m2 dedicated to the sale of equipment electrical and electronic "or specialty stores and some brands of large distribution.Les products concerned are facilities whose external dimensions are smaller than 25 cm. So This includes mobile phones, tablets, toasters, electric kettles, small toys, etc … The conditions under which this will be done free collection will be determined later by a decree. Finally, the decree regulates more strictly the transfer abroad of electrical equipment electronic 2and, to prevent waste from being exported to a country before treatment tiers.Globalement, the Order is to better manage the electrical and electronic waste and improve treatment and recyclage3.

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Back to school 2014 more expensive for French families

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The cost of school continues to increase, according to the annual survey by the Association of Families France.1. The parents of a sixth grader will spend an average 189 euros this year to equip their child on supplies, or 2.1% more than in 2013 Not pencils or notebooks that raise the most, but sportswear. The price of jogging has taken 4.5% in a year …

For less suffer from the rise in prices, the association is therefore advisable to make his Back to School shopping in supermarkets, where's increase is only 0.9%, against 2.5% in hypermarkets and 3.5% in specialty stores. "We must also try to shop without the kids who are influencers and will be tempted by branded merchandise, including rates may vary from one to two," said Thierry Vidor, CEO of Families of France. Shopping online also allows some savings at the margin, but we must ensure that they are not overwritten by the charges.

The school allowance (ARS) 2, the payment began on Tuesday, is expected to help the poorest families to cope with this period of extra expenses. It is 362 euros for children between 6 and 10 years, 382 for 11-14 year olds and 395 for 15-18 years. If the amount of ARS was revalued by 25% in September 2013, and significantly this year (0.7%, the level of inflation), it is not always enough to help families "sacrificed on the altar of deficit reduction ", in the words of Patrick Christian, president of the association. "The situation of families is becoming increasingly difficult, he justifies payday loans. The drop ceiling familial3 quotient, that is to say the maximum amount that a household can deduct from their taxes by half share, is one of the decisions that cost them the most. "The rise in LRA would be ultimately cannibalized by tax increases. The weight of the digital

in the budget

But the costs back to school can not be reduced to the simple purchase of new notebooks, pencil cases and pens. "A variety of spending is not included in the barometer," says the association. The Confederation of families and 4chiffre 800 euros spending in September for a family.

To cope with the crisis, local authorities are also trying to make savings that families suffer. "The introduction of pay in certain municipalities as a result of the implementation of the reform of school timetables extracurricular activities is also likely to weigh down the balance sheet," warns Patrick Christian. According to the survey conducted by the association, parents are very concerned about the passage of this year's week four and a half days in the overwhelming majority of municipalities. Place

increasingly important digital finally also weighs heavily in the budget retraction families. An introduction to computers now being lavished in the classes of primary schools encourage parents to provide equipment including digital tablet. Families of France reflects on the way to add the above items to the barometer.

Valérie Pécresse fear a debt default for France

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Former budget minister Valerie Pécresse1 (UMP2) said today that France was "in danger of default" if interest rates were to augmenter.Sur RTL, MP and leader of the opposition in Ile-de-France assured ". deficit this year will explode if interest rates went up, unfortunately," for example "because the Fed bank kept its loose monetary policy, France would be almost insolvent. "" We borrow now almost 360 billion euros per year in the short and long term, "Ms fast cash loans. Pécresse detailed. "If interest rates go up a point, it means that we would be 3 billion more spending. 2 points? 7000000000. In the long term, the debt is a sword of Damocles "with" the risk of not being able to fund the public services that we value, "he told the elected Yvelines.

Telecom Italia is about to offer up? 7 billion euros for GVT

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Telecom Italia is preparing an offer likely to reach seven billion in an attempt to gain an advantage over Spain's Telefonica to redeem GVT, a Brazilian subsidiary of Vivendi, Bloomberg reported on Sunday. The agency, quoting sources without identifying them informed about the project, added that Vivendi will be offered 20% stake in Telecom Italia and an interest in bringing a new set of two Brazilian subsidiaries groupes.Telecom Italia and Vivendi were not immediately available for comment on Sunday information.Des sources have previously said that Telecom Italia was in talks with Vivendi to a possible offer for GVT, where Telefonica proposed 6 payday loan.7 billion there has less than two weeks.The issue is complicated by the fact that Telefonica is the largest shareholder of Telecom Italia and the two groups are already competing in the Brazilian market téléphonie.Jeudi, Telecom Italia confirmed its interest1 for a possible rapprochement between GVT and its own subsidiary Brazil, TIM Participações, adding not have at this stage not submitted a formal offer to Vivendi.