Michael Jackson: his mother has $ 800,000 in promoter AEG

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Monday in the Superior Court of Los Angeles1, a judgment was handed down by Judge Yvette Palazuelos: Katherine Jackson2 the mother of the King of Pop, is required to pay $ 800,000 fee law and procedure AEG3 group, producer of the show This is it which marked the grand comeback of Michael Jackson4.

Marvin Putnam, counsel for the concert organizer, welcomes this decision. According to him, the court was right "to order Katherine Jackson to pay nearly a million dollars spent to defend a charge that she would never have done to the base." If the weather does not really seem appeased, lawyers AEG Live and the mother of the star are yet reached this arrangement, agreeing not to discuss this judgment, however, for which they would be in right appeal. The trial actually will end when the group has established the famous detailed list of its legal expenses, the Jackson clan will be forced to repay.

A trial is moving toward its end

June 25, 2009, death of Michael Jackson5, international star, sparked a lawsuit that today only moves towards its end easy pay day loans. The singer died of an overdose of propofol, a strong anesthetic used as a sleeping pill. While promoters of the event demanded compensation to the family of one, $ 2 million, the mother of the show, she had filed a complaint on behalf of her three grandchildren, claiming 900 million and 1.6 billion in damages for the death of his son. She accused AEG Live to have been negligent in choosing the doctor Conrad Murray 6 to deal with the artist throughout the tour.  

After five months of deliberations, the jury found that the doctor was necessary to ensure the health of the singer competence and AEG could not be held accountable. Sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter, the conduct of the practitioner had finally allowed him to be released after two years.

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Carlos Tavares, head of the "claw" PSA

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symbol. March 31, Carlos Tavares officially became the leader of PSA Peugeot Citroën. Less than four days later, he chose the sports daily L'Équipe to give his first interview with a major national media. The new boss wanted to talk sports ambitions manufacturer despite the constrained financial environment in which it operates. This choice is not surprising when you know the man. Carlos Tavares has a passion for racing. For the sate, he did not hesitate to create his own racing team, Clémenteam Racing inspired name Clementine, the eldest of his three daughters. And he regularly takes the wheel of cars that do dream since, at age 14, he attended his first race, on the Estoril circuit in Portugal. And he is willing to make great efforts to climb in their tub. "While working for Nissan in the United States, he returned to Europe time a weekend to participate in races, and found himself in his office on Monday morning," confided a framework that has rubbed in the Japanese manufacturer.

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Martin Bouygues: "It was a good excuse to kill us"

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 Restart the machine

after his failed bid for SFR is the new challenge of the Bouygues group. Martin Bouygues, who personally led the attack on SFR, Saturday, April 5 learned that Vivendi had finally preferred him Numericable. But that morning, he had played his last card by putting € 15.5 billion in cash on the table. Martin Bouygues is recovered against the leaders of Vivendi, which prompted him to engage in battle before departing for a choice he considers unjustified.

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Dropbox launches in sharing photos and videos

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"starts a new chapter." Specialist data storage Online has launched a new application for sharing photos Carousel2 named. It combines your hosted on Dropbox with those pictures stored in your phone. Available on iOS and Android mobile application class these pictures by date or in event and displayed as a gallery: "Wherever you are, you have all the pictures you have taken, organized this wonderful newspaper," says Drew Houston, boss and co-founder of Dropbox. Compete with online storage services such as Picasa or Flickr3, the start-up also climbed the face of social networks including Visual Facebook.4

Carousel of application. © Carousel / Dropbox

A "family services"

In addition to storing and displaying photos, Carousel offers a sharing feature. "This was an application now becomes a family of services, all designed to work together with Dropbox as a basis," the company said online pay day loans. For this, private conversations can be created directly on the application. All images are automatically stored online in the cloud. This is where it is the business challenge: to be able to store more photos, you may buy more storage space Dropbox.

At its conference in San Francisco, Dropbox also announced the launch of a service for businesses. It aims to facilitate collaboration between employees on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. A version of its messaging service Mailbox5, mixing classical messaging and task manager, is also coming to Android. This checks your inbox messages on the cloud and transferred to your mobile. It also contains a "snooze" which allows postpone reading some mails button. The start-up so has the wind in its sails and consider to go public.

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Fleury Michon sends Alaska bloggers to promote its surimi

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"Come check": this is the slogan of the operation launched by Fleury Michon1 April 6. While opinion is more circumspect against the food industry since the scandal of horse meat, the company based in Vendée decided to play on a transparency of its flagship products: surimi, which represents 20% of sales Fleury Michon, totaling a turnover of 698 million euros and is also known for its meats and dishes. "The goal for the company, it was not to be equated with practices often misperceived the rest of the sector," confirms Leorat Vincent, CEO of DDB2, an agency in the heart of the operation.

The campaign includes different components. A site dedicated web3, and a word on Twitter 4 pound (# venezvérifier5), but also a series of mini-reportages6 online Youtube7, and finally a commercial 8diffusé on small and big screen. Finally, some journalists and bloggers, but also a handful of randomly selected consumers will be invited to visit the factory of Chantonnay (Vendée), and even to embark on Alaska, where they will attend the pollock fishery and meet different professionals, such as those responsible for the management of quotas.

"Fleury Michon was a company far too discreet: we wanted to show people that we did a lot of things in terms of quality, but also eco-responsibility "

David Garbous, strategic marketing director of the company.

The first aspect highlights the company, it is the absence of preservatives and dyes in industrial revenue, contrary to what is sometimes done in competition. "We also hear often that it is made from fish waste, or conversely crab. But this is an old recipe made from fish meat, and aromatic preparation of crab – which could create confusion "and abounds David Garbous, strategic marketing director of the company.

The French are fond of surimi, they absorb more than 40% of volumes sold in the European Union, all brands. But they are unlikely to know in the recipe, which is inspired by a Japanese fashion conservation 400 years old. "This is to make a kind of pancake batter steamed," says David Garbous (see Video9). At a pace that is not however completely handicraft: exporting to Canada, 10 in Italy11 in Espagne12 and Scandinavie13, Fleury Michon produces two million rods per day.

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How reliable Word and Excel for iPad?

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Available for free on the App Store, Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications have many points in common with their equivalent for Mac and PC. Models can quickly create a document. The menus and toolbars at the top of the screen, offering almost all the usual functions. Only one problem: the free versions only allow access documents (imported from the Microsoft cloud or transferred from a computer), you can not change. For the full version of the application, you must subscribe to Office 365 service for the sum of 99 euros per year.

This subscription allows you to take advantage of Office software on different devices and share the same documents. Microsoft hopes to expand its customer base to iPad users, and draw even more revenue than they need to renew their subscription each year. But

Microsoft's initiative comes very late. In the absence of such software, iPad1 users have already adopted as equivalent iWork applications, Polaris Office, Smart Office, Evernote, Textilus, Smartsheet, Documents Unlimited and others. Above all, it reopens the debate on the relevance of desktop applications on a tablet. A niche where Microsoft had launched its own tablet surface2 … that did not meet the expected success. .

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SFR Vivendi is a winner of the showdown between Numericable and Bouygues

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Three weeks after entering into exclusive negotiations with Numericable to cede control of the operator SFR, Vivendi signed Saturday afternoon a final agreement after a meeting last s is held from 11 am to 15:30.

But during the three weeks of negotiations, the pressure was high on the shoulders of Numericable. Opposite the Bouygues group threw all his forces in the bataille1 and proposed two new offerings more attractive in terms of cash. The latest, unveiled Friday morning, rose to 15 billion euros and a 10% stake in the new entity.

Faced with these new offerings, Numericable has been forced to change his plan and increase the cash portion to 13.5 billion euros plus a potential earn-out of € 750 million. All complemented by a 20% stake in SFR-Numericable future together. For

Jean René Fourtou2, CEO of Vivendi3 is almost unexpected victory. Vivendi SFR successful sale to a value exceeding € 17 billion, even though there was a few months, the market operator valued between 12 and 14 billion euros. In addition, Vivendi said it wanted to keep 20% of the capital to take advantage of creative synergies of values ​​that will be implemented. A dear

victory paid for

For Numericable Numericable, victory is dear paid. But no other opportunity of this magnitude could not occur in the future. It was necessary to seize it. Patrick Drahi4 had negotiated with its pool of bankers flying a debt of about 15 billion euros. He had to use a large part of this sum available to snatch the approval of Vivendi. Left to weigh the financial structure of the future entity Numericable-SFR. But Patrick Drahi, after restructuring the cable France finally led to his dream of building an integrated fixed and mobile operator to rival Orange cash advance no fax. Numericable-SFR immediately places number two industry. But unlike Orange who knows low growth, the new set has everything to build. Synergies to be quickly implemented and expected in the sector offers professional growth should, Patrick Drahi, allow to experience strong growth in the profitability of the Group.

For the Bouygues group, this is clearly a defeat. Despite the strong mobilization of governments and investors who have joined the project and especially who were willing to bring cash, Martin Bouygues5 failed to change the minds of leaders of Vivendi. Consolation prize, he pushed up prices and forced Numericable therefore to align pay dearly for its acquisition. Bouygues

might try to challenge the transaction

But according familiar with the matter, the Bouygues group will not give up. After a month marked by a financial battle, he prepares to take the fight legally. He will do everything in its power to challenge this. Above all, he wants to enjoy the review of the transaction by the competition authority to make its voice heard. More operation will be challenged by competitors Numericable-SFR, more consideration will take time and more remedies requested by the competition authority could be significant. Make

drag operation is the best way to take advantage, launching offensives commercial advantage of the disarray of SFR customers and Numericable. Drag operation, it is also the way to find a strategic response. Discussions with Free for the resale of its mobile network in case of redemption of SFR could continue. But in another perspective: create a third large group of integrated telecom combining the strong position in the fixed Free with the Bouygues in mobile

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Cinema: State finance too many movies

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Policy support Cinema1 and audiovisuel2 is not breathless. But its effectiveness is severely blunted. This is the conclusion drawn by the Court of comptes3. Despite a substantial increase in public funding, the results are now "unrelated to the amount invested," she complains in a report on "support to the film and audiovisual production, the necessary changes."

Between 2002 and 2012 devices have multiplied and state aid increased by 88%. "In comparison, the state budget has increased by 20% during the same period," Didier Migaud4 slides, the first president of the Court of Auditors. Public funds allocated to the production jumped from 320 to 601 million euros. This support is supplemented by funding from broadcasters, mainly television, which have an obligation to invest in hexagonal films.

While the judges recognize the virtues of this system, especially with regard to film production. "The French cinema is in its entirety a real success," she says. In 2013, 270 films were produced, placing France at the top of European charts. Compared to the rest of the Community, the country is also one that resists the best competition of American cinema. But add the heels wise Rue Cambon, "the majority of films produced fails to gather a wide audience." More than half of the films are released in theaters less than 50 000 entries and this proportion is increasing. The Court of Auditors recommends greater selectivity in the allocation of aid. "Today, we support the production of a work, and then, come what may. Must take into account its diffusion perspective "says Jacques Tournier, Section President of the Court of Auditors. Drift

wages stars

If the system needs to be reformed, but also because it helps to fuel the increase in production costs for movies especially those with the biggest budgets. Blame the TV channels 5Who fulfill their obligations by concentrating their investments in a small number of big budget movies. Other drift pointed by the Rue Cambon compensation film stars, a growing portion is paid in the form of image rights. Now, consider the Court of Auditors, it is a disguised wage escapes to social security contributions. Amounts under this practice are still limited, however they increased by 119% in ten years to € 8 million. Critics

suffered by the film industry, however, are less virulent than the charge against audiovisual production. While the tri-sector focus 63% of EU aid, France is the European country that exposes the most American series in the early evening. Worse, if the hexagonal fictions represented, in 2002, 100% of the 50 biggest audiences on television, this share is only 5% in 2012! For judges, the conclusion is clear: "The results of audience and sales, both in France and abroad, are not up to the financial amounts invested by the state." They thus advocate introduced in the calculation of aid taking into account the results of the hearing of a work. The sanction of the public, in fact.

A duo Montebourg Sapin Bercy which may make "sparks"

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 All assumptions

circulated. Who would be the Minister of Economy and Finance? Who would be the Minister of Industry? That nobody saw it coming, is that the organization Bercy1-yet much maligned in recent months-would now be different. This morning, Arnaud Montebourg 2a was appointed Minister of Economy, Digital while maintaining the portfolio of Productive Recovery. Sapin3 and Michel, Minister of Finance and Public Accounts. Clearly, the "third man" of the Socialist primary in 2011 will support the economic and industrial policy of the country, when a friend of 30 years the President of the Republic to which he had already given the difficult task of returning the unemployment curve-will be responsible to take the path of public finances and to go to Brussels to defend our European partners. A pattern that resembles nothing so much as that in force in Germany … A one detail: the Minister of Economy, in Germany, has an extremely low weight compared to that of Finance unsecured personal loans. No doubt this will not happen like that on this side of the border!

The cohabitation between Arnaud Montebourg and Pierre Moscovici 4-which is the great sacrifice of the redesign, has not always been easy. It is not said that between Arnaud Montebourg and Michel Sapin is the much more. It is rumored even during the negotiations, the former tenant of the Ministry of Labour has clearly expressed his wish not to work with Arnaud Montebourg at Bercy. Missed. Because again, it's a social democrat who is faced to the apostle of de-globalization. Some already are predicting that it will make "sparks". Already, the battle for the guardianship of the major directions of the Minister (Treasury-that Montebourg much maligned two years, the Agency for State holdings, etc.). Began


Japan: short-term, economic recovery policy was effective

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"The first two arrows Abenomics are short-term fixes," says Kazuhiko Toyama. CEO and founder of IGPI company that advises and invests in companies in difficulty, this entrepreneur is also one of the vice-presidents of Keizai Doyukai, one of three employers' organizations in Japan. According to him, most observers, the printing and fiscal stimulus, the first two arrows shot by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, have had the desired effect free credit score online. This ballistic metaphor is claimed by communicating very head of the government itself.

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