American aircraft can fly again to Tel Aviv

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 American planes

will again serve Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport. The Federal Agency for the U.S. Air Force (FAA) recently to lift its ban on airlines flying to Israel. "The FAA lifted its restrictions on U.S. flights to and from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv canceling a directive crews had renewed it earlier today," according to a communiqué1 Agency published Wednesday night. However, it indicates that the situation remains "very unstable" locally.

Agency banned this service for the first time on Tuesday for 24 hours. The ban was renewed Wednesday due to a "potentially dangerous situation" in Israel and the Gaza Strip. FAA put forward the need to protect passengers while Israel is engaged in a sanglant2 conflict, which resulted in an attack on a rocket fell near the airport. All major international airlines were then followed suit.

Wednesday night, before the announcement of the lifting of the suspension by the FAA, Delta Airlines and United Airlines had stated that they prolonged the ban until further notice. U.S. Airways hopes his side can resume its flights from Philadelphia on Thursday. The European company


In Europe, Air France flights remained suspended "until further notice". Lufthansa has meanwhile said yesterday that extended by 24 hours, all day Thursday, the suspension of its flights to and from Tel Aviv, saying that "at present, there is no new sufficiently reliable information which would justify a resumption of traffic. " Air Berlin, Germany's second largest airline, has also extended to Thursday canceled its flights to Tel Aviv, already suspended since Tuesday night. Same for EasyJet and Turkish Airlines who believes that "the risk persists." Austrian Airlines and SAS Scandinavian stressed that they would review the situation on Thursday bad credit unsecured personal loans. Polish airline LOT, she, said it had suspended its flights to Tel Aviv until Monday inclusive.

The Russian Aeroflot and TAROM Romanian, however, said they resumed their flights Wednesday after having canceled Tuesday. British Airways continued to operate normally. Israeli national airline El Al has also said on its website that its services were operating as usual


The lifting of the U.S. ban is following pressure at the highest level of the State of Israel. Prior to reconsider its decision, the FAA ensures have based on "new information and the measures taken by the Israeli government to limit the potential risk to civil aviation." "Hamas was indeed in possession of rockets could reach Ben Gurion but the accuracy of these rockets is limited airport," said the deputy spokesperson of the State Department Marie Harf.

Tuesday evening, Israeli Transport Minister Israel Katz, had ensured that there was "no reason" for flights to be canceled. According to him, "take-off and landing at Ben Gurion Airport have no security problem or for equipment or passengers." Traveling to Cairo to push for a cease-feu3, U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, had reassured Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, telling him that the flight ban was simply motivated by security reasons, and not to put pressure on Israel. .

For Hamas, "the Israeli closure of airspace is a great victory for the resistance, and the coronation of Israel's failure" . Israel fears an impact on the tourism sector, already strained by the fifteen-day conflict with Hamas palestinien4. The country every year millions of foreign visitors, including more than 300,000 French.

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Renault in France produce small vans Fiat

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The partnership policy is more than ever at the heart of the strategy of Renault group. The French manufacturer has revealed on Tuesday signed a production agreement with Fiat and the provision of a light commercial vehicle (LCV) that will be produced in France in the second half of 2016


This vehicle will be based on a Renault platform, probably the Kangoo. As for the design of this new utility, it will be done by the offices Fiat1. The partnership provides a marketing under the Fiat Professional. The French group did not wish to reveal the production volumes of this new utility. Arnaud

Montebourg2 quickly welcomed the agreement revealed by Renault and Fiat: "In March 2013, the agreement competitiveness signed by the social partners and direction provided Renault3 already maintaining French industrial sites, production of 710,000 vehicles in the country in 2016, with production of 82,000 Nissan Micra in Flins, said the Minister of Economy in a statement personal loans for bad credit. Production utilities FIAT France adds to the first announcement, confirming the competitiveness of French production sites. "

Arnaud Montebourg very verve added: "This is an example to follow in our battle for the" Made in France. It shows that the automobile industry in France has a real industrial future, especially when it knows to turn to products of the future. "

This partnership between Renault and Fiat comes as another major Franco-Italian partnership unravels. Indeed, in 2011, PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) 4 and Fiat announced that they would gradually revise their links. Stopping common site Sevelnord near Valenciennes is expected for 2017. Some observers saw this decision affect the cooperation between Fiat and Chrysler. However, the cooperation between PSA and Fiat still continue in Italy.

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Pharmacy, addicted to tax OPA

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 Takeover bid on

AbbVie Shire1, redemption by Covidien Medtronic2, acquisition of foreign operations Mylan3 Abbott, AstraZeneca attempted purchase by Pfizer4


.. In a few weeks, the list of mergers tax referred to in the pharmacy is stretched. "The industry lends itself quite well to mergers between U.S. and European laboratories, says an expert. It will plethora of businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. Many of them still emit significant benefits not only to the United States. "So they have the means to finance cash all or part of their acquisitions. And tax cuts they will get relocating their headquarters in Ireland or Britain to help compensate for some years, the decline in profits.

Sector lends itself quite well to mergers between American and European laboratories

Most laboratories are confronted with the "cliff" of blockbusters, these blockbuster drugs that emanated turnover above the billion but sales dipped sharply with the extinction of patents that protected against generic . And all are far from finding innovative drugs to boost their sales.

This is the case of AbbVie, including the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis Humira, which weighs 60% of its sales will fall into the public domain 2016. It is also one of Pfizer, AstraZeneca who saw a rich laboratory for future treatments in cancer, a remedy for the failure of its portfolio despite its mega-acquisitions in recent years, starting with the acquisition of Wyeth in 2009 to $ 68 billion. Headquartered in Berne

The heavy weight of drug sales in the United States, Walgreens, would also be in the running. They plan to redeem all of Alliance Boots, the UK distributor of drugs which it already holds a 45% stake, to take advantage of tax benefits associated with its headquarters located in Switzerland, Bern.

But mergers in the pharmacy does not only obey fiscal imperatives. Regardless of their geographical location, the health sector has recorded the most merger transactions since the beginning of the year, says a study by Thomson Reuters, who estimated $ 338 billion the total amount of OPA sector between January and June.

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The Japanese will make dried bonito in Concarneau

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A Japanese company has decided to set up in the region of Concarneau a processing plant katsuobushi bonito, a basic ingredient of Japanese cuisine, has-been learned this week in Tokyo. Cooperative Makurazaki, a city in the far south of Japan, chose this area to install its production to Europe because "it met all the criteria we were looking for," said Katsuhiko Oishi, president of France Makurazaki . According to the organization UK Trade International, Concarneau site was chosen because of "the concentration of fishing industries, proximity to a company capable of tuna supply skipjack, and storage refrigeration of fish in bulk. " Dried bonito is an essential ingredient in the preparation of soups that go into the preparation of soup, especially the miso. The unit will provide 10. The announcement of this installation was made on the occasion of the visit to Japan of a Breton economic delegation led by the President of the Regional Council Pierrick Massiot.

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Economic crisis in Europe: we are up against the wall

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Emmanuel is the CEO of Financière de la Cité, a management company portfolio.

…… The European situation is the result of a historical error diagnosis on the nature economic shock. Financial turmoil originated in the United States1, uncontrolled expansion of money and credit. Crisis2 is the monetary and non-budgetary origin. This is the recovery of bad bank loans by the States which resulted in a surge in public debt in the eurozone.

Instead of acting on dette3, the United States and Great Bretagne4 growth5 favored the short term, at the risk of spinning monnaie6. Leaders Euro7 area preferred to engage in long-term policies by supporting the weight of the adjustment to households and domestic banks. This strategy today shows its limits: mass unemployment settles, credit contracts and debt is increasing in all countries in crisis. The prospect of unable to take over global growth weakened euro zone, and gives rise to growing divergence between the International Monetary Fund and European authorities.

A German renaissance echoed in France a spirit of decline particularly prevalent among the ruling classes.

In this drama, the French leaders on all sides have a special responsibility. After the shock of reunification, Allemagne8, to boost its exports, led a solo reform policy away from the single currency. Literally mesmerized by the "German model", the French politico-administrative elites supported the application of the same methods throughout Europe without seeing everything that Germany owed its partners.

At the German Renaissance echoed in France a spirit of decline particularly prevalent among the ruling classes. There so long that the people of Europe are locked in the gloom that disenchantment has become their second nature.

In this situation, what to do? Must first rebalance the European project. Europe, said a great writer, is a balance, a swarm of people. The European institutions are built around a post-war torn Germany, which naturally sought an alliance with the West facing the hegemonic pretensions of the Soviet Union. With reunification, return to the center of the continent from an economic and commercial power leading change, obviously, the meaning of the European project. RFA Adenauer looked westwards to Europe. Today's Germany is turning more towards the open sea, to China and the United States, where customers and their interests. This mercantilist orientation meets the aspirations of the electorate heritage of the major parties of government. But for the European continent, it is a "Holzweg" this beautiful German word for the paths that lead nowhere.

Europe is the world's largest economy. Its strength lies both in the dynamic domestic market in its trade with the world.

Europe is the world's largest economy easy payday loans. Its strength lies both in the dynamic domestic market in its trade with the world. It can not, without danger, sacrificing his future to foreign markets, moreover exposed to shifts in U.S. monetary policy. Rather than inviting all European countries to follow the same national model, rather to go towards reducing imbalances within the euro area, promoting the upturn in demand in northern Europe, releasing encalminées energies in France and Southern Europe.

For this strategy to succeed, it is necessary to give more leeway. Major European bankers continue to think that restrictive policies are the best answer to the "balance sheet recession" due to the financial crisis. The idea is that economic actors should go through a period of deleveraging, before growth becomes established on a sound basis.  

European monetary authorities are often referred to as the "good deflation" that preceded the rebound Scandinavian economies at the turn of the 1980s. However, the crisis we are facing can not be compared to localized recessions of Suède9 or Denmark10. The general impoverishment left a huge stock of outstanding debt, the amount, a percentage, is equivalent to the situation after the two world wars. How can we imagine to bear this burden on future generations, for decades? How to persist in conduct deflationary policies in an open world where the major economic zones seek to depreciate their currency? Either the debt is worn for twenty years, at the risk of sacrificing the forces and jeopardize sanitation hoped; either we take our losses, by having the creditors down the road.

Europe needs a political power.

Mainland mentality, steeped in Roman law, traditionally hostile to the latter option. Yet at the level of a country, this solution is sometimes the only way to ensure the maintenance of social order, provided that the leeway obtained are not wasted. The stabilization of the franc in 1928, the monetary reform in Germany in 1947, the creation of "heavy franc" in 1960 are outstanding examples of successful stabilization.

Finally, Europe must have a political power. In terms of accounting and prudential standards, trade, she must assert its rights. Strategic and financial interests are not those of the United States, any more than those of Russia, it is obvious.

Men act, said Jean Monnet, when they are placed outside the realm of necessity. Classical federalism technocratic remedies will not suffice to rebuild confidence. If the elites do not make a step forward to provide concrete answers, the European institutions will collapse by themselves. Parties "sovereignist" can rejoice, however, marginalized states they will inherit will become satellites rising powers.

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Wijet: the air taxi service based on a low-cost model

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wants to make business aircraft as accessible as the taxi. This is the challenge that was launched in 2009, this private jet airline offering luxury service based on a low-cost model.

"The VLJ (Very Light Jet, VLJ) that is to say, private four-seater jets, appeared in 2007. C ' this technology is where we combined with new information systems. But it was not until later that we realized that we were creating a Ultraluxe service with a low-cost operating model, "said Corentin Denoeud, founding president of Wijet. Wijet has five aircraft – three additional units are expected in January – and has very little ground staff. The company offers a rate of 2400 euros per flight hour, to transport up to four passengers. The challenge of the company could be met through an efficient information system.

"We have increased because drivers now have a iPhone1 app: they receive in real time all the information of their flight. They know every minute of rebooking by trade or the client itself paperless payday loans. We even went beyond, because today we are the first company worldwide to offer the Internet reservation service, "explains the director. A

45% growth in 2013

The young company is already thinking about the future. "The idea is really to grow across Europe, to create new databases. Currently we have in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Cannes. In September, we open the Brussels, Luxembourg and Geneva. So we begin to internationalize the service, even if we already proposing flights abroad. Our goal is to continue to extend us in Europe and, why not, ultimately, in Asia, "aims Corentin Denoeud.

This concept allowed Wijet, which experienced in 2013 an increase of 45% compared to the previous year, to cross the 5 million mark euros of turnover. The SMEs2 becomes profitable and growth should continue. As the market for private flights, amounting to € 300 million in France, grazes billion in Europe.

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Unilever gets rid of Slim Fast diet products

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 Unilever continues

cleaning its portfolio of food brands. The giant consumer products announced Friday the sale of products minceur1 Slim-Fast to U.S. investment fund Kainos Capital. Unilever will retain a minority stake in Slim-Fast2. The amount of the sale, undisclosed, would be less than one billion pounds (1.2 billion euros) expected by Unilever.

In 2000, the Anglo-Dutch giant had purchased Slim-Fast, a specialist diet products, with bars "thinness" or "protein" and Meal "milkshake" for $ 2.4 billion (€ 1.8 billion). This investment

paradoxically made the same day as the purchase of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, positioned on a substantially different niche, proved a failure. Slim-Fast was by far the number one diet food in the 1990s, to be used by almost an American dieters on both. But sales have declined steadily since. Little renewed, the Slim-Fast line has faced the economic crisis and competition from more restrictive diets such as the Atkins diet (low carb).

Sales of the brand, always sold in North America and the UK, but more in France for several years, would even fallen below $ 300 million last year, according to Bloomberg. Five years back

Unilever, whose activity is split between personal care products and home care (Dove, Rexona, Signal , Skip payday loan…) and food products (Lipton, Knorr, Amora, Carte d'Or …), launched a sort in its food brands. The objective is to refocus the group on more profitable and fastest growing, focusing on global brands. "The sale of Slim-Fast is the final step in the restructuring of our business portfolio in North America," said Kees Kruythoff, director of the North American branch.

The group has already sold the dressings Wish-Bone and Western, Skippy peanut butter and Ragu pasta sauces and Bertolli, sold for 2 15 billion in May Japanese Mizkan. Power, down from five years represents only a quarter of group sales (48 billion euros in 2013).

In parallel, CEO Paul Polman plans to lower the cost of $ 500 million in 2014, a plan that involves the removal of a hundred jobs in France.

Unilever is far from the only food giant to tighten the belt. Nestlé has also launched end of 2013, a strategic review of its portfolio of brands. The Swiss group, which last year sold its brand PowerBar sports nutrition and a large part of its diet Jenny Craig division, announced on July 2 the sale of its U.S. drinks brand Juicy Juce the investment firm Brynwood Partners

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The rate of Booklet A lowered from 1.25% to 1% on 1 August

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 The French

preferred rate Booklet A, financial investment, is the lowest in its history! The government lowered from 1.25% to 1%, the 1st of August. But the decline will be less than that proposed by the Banque de France and especially that provided by the formula for its calculation. Due to the low inflation, a key element of this formula, the remuneration of the booklet, currently set at 1.25%, would mechanically came down to 0.50%.

The Governor of the Bank of France Christian Noyer, meanwhile, proposed on Thursday morning, following the publication of figures from INSEE a lowering of half a percentage point to 0.75%. He already had Wednesday at a press conference, considered it necessary to decrease the rate of Booklet A to boost growth and housing construction. "It is necessary that the rate of savings deposits reflect this downward trend," he had said.  

…… He added: "I can not, a side, participate in decisions Frankfurt lower rates to encourage the resumption of economic activity across the euro area and consider that France has no need for economic recovery and may refrain from transmitting this policy. " He also highlighted the recent decisions of the European Central Bank, which include lowered its key rate to 0.15%, its lowest level.

Since last January, the government has, once again, not follow the recommendations of the Bank of France for fixing the rate of pay Booklet A. By this decision, the government made a gesture towards his constituents and for the purchasing power of French, Michel had said in June Sapin1 want to preserve.

VIDEO – The Bank of France advocates new lower rate Booklet A.

…… ..

Francis and George Morel Sanerot head union press

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 Two major unions

French press change leaders. Yesterday afternoon, Morel1 Francis, president of the group Les Echos, has been appointed President of the Union of the national daily press (SPQN2) while Sanerot Georges, CEO of Bayard, was appointed head of the Association the political and general news media (AIPG).

Francis Morel succeeds Marc Feuillée3, CEO of Figaro group, which for three years has led, on behalf of SPQN, battles on several fronts.

In recent years, the titles of national dailies have successfully negotiated the transition to digital attractive and retaining nearly 25 million new readers on their sites information. The SPQN also managed the support of the social transformation of printing and all personal media groups. He also negotiated solutions to save the distribution system of the press. Francis Morel will continue this policy and said he was "personally very confident in the future of the national daily press, with strong marks on paper and digital, and has developed a loyal readership."

The national dailies are now continuing efforts to find a business model adapted to the digital world. Francis Morel represent the national daily press in trading on the value sharing between content creators and digital distributors; Internet giants Google, Apple, Amazon and Samsung. Republican Utility

A topic that was conducted in close consultation with the AIPG4, union of political and general news media created in 2012 to collect securities of the national dailies, regional and news magazines. Chaired by Nathalie Collin, AIPG and SPQN had crossed swords with Google before finding an agreement for the creation of an investment fund in the digitization of the press. Georges Sanerot continue this path and will also seek to reassert the usefulness of the Republican press political and general information that sheds light on the judgment of citizens in an increasingly complicated world. It also will lead discussions on defining the scope of the IPG release in the context of a mission launched by the Ministry of Culture.

Holland wants to "remove all obstacles to learning"

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"It is not two days is the social conference or in a day," said François Hollande in his opening speech of the Social Conference being held today and tomorrow in Paris.The President Sarkozy announced four major events from the beginning of September.- An "Evaluation Committee of State aid, CICE and social contributions" will be well met in September, "This is the first appointment" Has he said – "The second meeting is that learning and alternation, I will convene in September, "said he continued -" the third appointment is the negotiation that can be opened on the long-term unemployment " a document "will be prepared by the Minister of Labour," said the Head of State, who added that he could be a "party against the pact of responsibility" – finally, "Focus investment "is the fourth appointment. Appointment to come

: evaluation committee of public aid meeting on learning and alternation, trading on the long-term unemployment. 

I need regular. I need regular. Elysium (@ Elysee) July 7, 20141 François Hollande also erected the long-term unemployment in "national cause" after expressing the target host by the autumn 2016 some 10,000 apprentices in the public service where they are 700 this day low fee cash advance.The doubling of aid linked to generation contract in case of simultaneous recruitment of a young and a long-term unemployed, as well as doubling the number of insertion contracts were announced by the Head of State. At a time when 140,000 young people leave school without training each year, the president said it was "not enough" only "34,000 dropouts were taken last year in charge." Civic service, which hosts 5,000 dropouts will increase its capacity to accommodate twice, he has also said.The Head of State has also criticized the branches where the responsibility pact was not implemented. Professional

branches that have not yet taken possession of the subject of the Covenant must do so urgently and achieve results.

I need regular. I need regular. Elysium (@ Elysee) July 7, 20142